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Sam Bostic

As a kid, Sam Bostic loved music as long as he can remember.  He attached songs and lyrics to moments in his life.  The highlights of his days were coming home from school to watch VH1, Soul Train, MTV, and Yo MTV Raps.  He felt as though music genres are not assigned by race, even as a young child.

In middle school he and a couple classmates won a lip- sync contest. By doing Cameo’s “Word Up”.  From this and his earlier interest.  His love of music grew stronger.  When he went to Slippery Rock University he began to DJ on a radio show and parties, while majoring in Communications.

Upon leaving college he didn’t pursue his musical interests.  Instead he became a Police Officer for the City Of McKeesport and still serves in this capacity today.  His love for music and a good party never wavered.  Bostic began to put his passion as a DJ to use again in 2014.   He knows how to get any event into party mode.

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