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So just ask yourself this. How was the DJ at the last event you attended. We know how weddings are a lot to take on and plan. PVU Event Group wants to make the process as stress-free as possible. We want to deliver the dream wedding experience that you always envisioned for your wedding day or event.

We feel each celebration should be truly custom-tailored to you. From our easy to use online planner, to our music app, to our in-person meetings, we will cover every detail. Our experienced team is here to make your special day one to remember for years to come.

DJ Entertainment Packages


  • Modern Clean DJ Setup
  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • DJ/MC Team
  • 5 Hours of Music


  • Modern Clean DJ Setup
  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • DJ/MC Team
  • 5 Hours of Music
  • Standard Photo Booth
  • Wireless Uplighting
  • Custom Monogram


  • Custom Built Furniture-Style DJ Booth
  • Premium Moving Head Dance Floor Lighting
  • Lead MC/DJ Assistant
  • 5 hours of Music
  • Mirror Vision Photo Booth
  • Wireless Uplighting
  • Custom Monogram
  • Dancing on the Cloud
  • 8 hours of Photography
  • 8 hours of Videography
  • Pre-Wedding Coverage
  • Ceremony/Reception
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Videographer
  • 100 Basic Retouched Images
  • Custom Photo Book
  • Online Access to Photos
  • Highlight Video (7 Minutes)
  • RAW Footage (Per Choice)
  • 1 DVD or Blu-Ray Video


Sparkler Box Rentals
2/$400 | 4/$700

Custom Monogram – $200

Standard Photo Rentals
3 hrs $600 / 5 hrs $800

Motion Monogram – $300

Mirrored Visions Photo Booth
3 hrs $900 / 5 hrs $1,200

Our Goals to Success!


You’re planning you’re big day with us, our team is happy that we get to help engaged couples, celebrate their glorious day. We will walk you threw the whole process that we have designed to pack the dance floor and make sure your guests have a memorable time. We like to have a minimum of 2 in-person meetings to plan your wedding. If this is not possible than, we can schedule a phone meeting to discuss the event. PVU Event Group wants to make this process as stream line and stress free as possible.


You maybe asking yourself is lighting important to have at your wedding? Yes, it is and here is why! Every package we offer has a lighting option in it. This is a classy way to flood your dance floor and give your guests the ability to have fun and shuffle their feet to the beat. Now, by having lighting added in your package you have that high end club feel or uplighting around the room as well.


Every event needs a host to direct the night. Our host will work threw everyone of your details for the wedding that was discussed in our planning meetings. Our host mission is to deliver you a seamless night that will be memorable. PVU Event Group prides our self on having enthusiastic MC’s / Hosts that are professional and entertaining. We don’t get out and dance with you or do tacky stand up comedy. We do our job and that is to put you in the light of the night.


I’m sure you have been at an event in the past that the music was so loud you could not hear the person next to you. Or maybe you have been to a wedding were you are trying to listen to the speeches and not able to hear them due to the volume being to low. Well, when you book with PVU Event Group, all of these rookie mistakes will not occur. Our professional team will ensure that all audio is set to the perfect volume. We will show everyone how to use the mic before speeches. So no matter if it is music on the dance for or the mic before speeches are delivered we’ll have you covered.


You booked with PVU Event Group for our skill and drive to make you dance and keep the entertainment at a constant 10. Our DJ’s are not like the ones you’ve seen at past weddings and events. Our DJ’s will play the songs and mixes that will blend to make your wedding soundtrack a memorable one.

Mobile Access

We know you may have a busy life and we want to make the planning process as easy and stress free for you while you’re on the go. You can now plan your wedding with our phone app we have designed with you in mind. We will guide you threw the process so it is easy to understand.